June 8, 2019 all-day

Heavenly Truth and the Story of Ruth

Get in the Groove!

It’s Shavuot! Let’s all get excited for a most joyous and uplifting celebration of this major festival on G-d’s calendar.  On Saturday June 8th we will be celebrating Shavuot during our morning Shabbat service along with a special convocation set for 6:30 Saturday evening.  Stay late with Lou and spend time reading from the Torah and in prayer.

Why should you be here?

·            To honor the L-RD in heartfelt devotion and thanksgiving for giving us His Torah, a Torah leading to redemption and empowerment.

·            To hear unique teachings from special teachers!

·            To bring your own word of affirmation and testimony!  What Torah passage inspires you the most?  Tell us about it!

·            To share in the Shulchan Adon (Table of the L-RD) as we remember the fullness of Messianic redemption.

·            To take part in prayer and intercession on behalf of Israel and the nations!

·            To fully indulge in an ice cream social following service!  (Bring an appetizer!)

All of this and more awaits you!

We will be receiving our Omer offerings at both services on Saturday.

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