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Being Someone You’re Not

by Rabbi Frank Lowinger on May 21st, 2021 in CBH Blog, Israel, Teachings

A short time ago, a news story broke concerning a supposed Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) family that presented themselves as someone they were not. Reports from the Jerusalem Post and other outlets confirm with ample proof – that the family wasn’t Jewish. These were Christians masquerading as Haredi Jews. Their web of deceit was long, from using forged documents to grossly lying about their identities. And to complete the ruse, they took on a more identifiably sounding Jewish surname, from Elk to Elkohen.  The issues of using deceitful tactics along with the act of lying may work well in the areas of […]

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Video link

by Rabbi Frank Lowinger on August 28th, 2020 in CBH Blog

This is a very good video. I think it was from the Lasaunne Council on Jewish Evangelism held in Toronto last summer.  Worthwhile watching.

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