Return to Our Roots

The massacre of 11 Jewish people in a Pittsburgh synagogue, to my recollection may well be the first time in the history of this great land when Jews were murdered just for being Jews.

On Sunday evening I attended a community wide memorial service at Temple Beth Zedek to join with others as we collectively mourned.  The words of the attending Rabbis were wonderful, comforting and unifying; not so for the Christian ministers who spoke.

Without having to mention President Trump, and in sync with prevailing media reports; they subtly blamed this tragedy on the President’s “rhetoric,” bringing applause from the audience. To blame this on the President is an egregious falsehood totally devoid of substance. Did anyone ever accuse President Obama for the many shootings that took place on his watch, most notably the murder of five police officers in Dallas?

The fact that the Pittsburgh shooter criticized the President for his close connections to Jews and Israel is revealing. We have the greatest pro-Israel President in our history and the only President with a Jewish child and Jewish grandchildren.

If one wants to find the real home of hate, look no further than the angry hordes that publicly threaten and bully Republican and Conservative leaders.

The party that claims to be against bullying are in fact bullies.  The party that claims to be compassionate is the party resorting to mob tactics. The party that touts the defense of women endorsed for President a woman who set out on a mission to threaten and destroy the lives of all the women her husband forcefully violated.

It is my fervent hope and prayer that we return to the Judeo-Christian roots for which we were founded. Then and only then will respect and civility unite us.



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